Head Shot

Richard Krajeski

The Rev. Richard L. Krajeski has been involved in long-term disaster response, vulnerability reduction, and sustainable resilience building at the national and local levels for almost 50 years. His training and background includes grassroots community development, community based participatory action research, psychotherapy, technological assessment, and ethics. His hazard related publication include ‘But She Is a Women and This Is a Man’s Job: Lessons, for Participatory Research and Participatory Recovery’, ‘Women of Faith’, and ‘Involving Communities is Mitigation and Outreach.’ He has developed several panels for the Natural Hazards Workshop including panels on ‘worldviews’ and on race and gender issues. Rev. Krajeski justice concerns have been recognized in the Disaster Response Meritorious Service Award in 1999 for “his work in developing the long-term response of the religious community and his advocacy with marginalized people.” He is a Follow in the International Society for Applied Anthropology.

Krajeski is a founding member of the international Gender and Disaster Network and a founding member and board member of the Natural Hazard Mitigation Association and a founding board member of the Lowlander Center. He is helping develop the Wetlands Theological Education Project in south Louisiana.

Participating in session:

Just Resilience: Moving Away from Ethics as Usual