Head Shot

Tyronne Edwards

Rev. Tyronne Edwards is a native of downtown Phoenix, Louisiana, in Plaquemine Parish. He has 44 years of community organizing/human service experiences on local, state, and international levels. Along with his community development work, Rev. Edwards is a dedicated husband, father, grandfather, ordained minister, human/community development specialist, substance abuse specialist, advocate, and mentor, training facilitator, playwright, photojournalist and community historian. He is the owner of T. EDWARDS, INC; the founder and Executive Director of the Zion Travelers Cooperative Center, Inc. (ZTCC) in Plaquemines Parish which was organized in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. ZTCC was the only relief program available to east bank residents. He has over 40 years of creating and managing multi-purpose cultural, educational and recreational programs that benefit the entire community. Rev. Edwards continually testify before congressional hearing panels on climate change, environmental injustice, coastal restoration, and lobby representatives to support the continuing work of rebuilding the Gulf Coast. For 34 years as a trainer/facilitator for the People’s Institution for Survival & Beyond have conducted Undoing Racism workshops throughout the country. He is a board member on Plaquemines Hospital Service District & Medical Center, and Metropolitan Human Service District Behavioral Health Regional Advisory Council. Rev. Edwards is a community advocate at all parish government meetings in his community. He has brought international and national attention to the grassroots social change movement and plight of citizens in Plaquemines Parish.

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Just Resilience: Moving Away from Ethics as Usual