Plenary Session: Large Disasters Are Different

Wed. June 25th, 2:00 - 3:30 p.m., Interlocken A/B

Large-scale, complex disasters occur infrequently, but they present challenges that are different from smaller events and most emergency managers haven't experienced resource requirements and priority management on that scale. The need to synchronize intergovernmental and interagency efforts, intense media and political scrutiny, and the level of destruction and human suffering create a very different paradigms than smaller, locally managed disasters. As a result, many local leaders won't be prepared to coordinate complex events. This panel will discuss the issues senior leaders will face when a truly "big one" strikes.

Panelist Jason McNamara, Moderator
Obsidian Analysis

Panelist Amy Donahue, Panelist
University of Connecticut

Panelist Richard Reed, Panelist
American Red Cross

Panelist Stephen Sharro, Panelist
Sharro Associates

Panelist Robert Latham, Panelist
Mississippi Emergency Management Agency

Panelist Bill Carwile, Panelist
Carwile Associates

Organizer: William Carwile, Carwile Associates