Guidelines for Research to Policy to Practice Session Participants

Research to Policy to Practice sessions focus on one specific research or practice project. They are often moderated to ensure efficiency, but session presenters do not have to use the panel format and moderators do not prepare panel questions in advance. The following provide some guidance for a successful session:


Moderators briefly introduce presenters at the beginning of each session. Presenters can select the format that best meets their needs—for instance, organizing a panel, displaying research and findings independently, or engaging in an extended discussion with the audience. Regardless of the format, please do not read lengthy technical papers.


The audience will include academics and practitioners with diverse backgrounds, experience, and knowledge. Because of this diversity, it will be helpful to define any legal and technical terms and acronyms.


Research to Policy to Practice sessions are 60 minutes long. Regardless of the number of presenters, it is essential to leave at least 15 minutes for audience questions. Sessions must finish on time for scheduling reasons.


The call for abstracts is now closed. For more information, review the abstract guidelines.

Papers and Other Supporting Materials

Moderators and panelists are invited to submit full-length, edited papers to be hosted on the Natural Hazards Center Web site. Submissions sent to in PDF will be posted to the Web site as is.