Expectations Unmet: Can Disaster Adaptation and Mitigation Incentives Work Effectively?

Tue. 9:00-10:30 a.m., Centennial E

Does the expectation of disaster relief put us more at risk? A hallmark of a developed society is the formalized reduction of risk to individuals—through both insurance and government interventions. Unfortunately, public and private efforts to reduce risk can have and risk-increasing consequences. Panelists will debate the potential tradeoffs between economic development and adaptation and mitigation and postdisaster relief. Do current policies balance the reduction and prevention of human suffering?

Panelist Debra Ballen, Moderator
Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety


Panelist Lorilee Medders, Panelist
Florida Catastrophic Storm Risk Management Center


PanelistCarolyn Kousky, Panelist
Resources for the Future


PanelistChen Chen, Panelist
University of Notre Dame


Organizer: Debra Ballen, Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety