RAPID Systematic Data Collection

Mon. 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Centennial E

Numerous post-disaster studies examine specific social factors, however, the ability to compare findings across studies is limited by the lack of congruence of focus and measures among studies. In addition, focus is often put on bigger disasters that garner widespread attention rather than the small disasters and everyday emergencies. As a result, systematic data collection after disasters is often identified research need.

To address this, a consistent research protocol was developed to gather social data after wildfires in order to understand the full range of social dynamics including emergency responder response, communication issues, and evacuation dynamics. The process of developing the protocol and applying it in two field tests has raised a number of methodological questions about the practicality of such a standardized approach.

This session will address the process and the issues it has raised. Panelists will give their perspectives on methodological questions applicable the project and the broader field of rapid response research.

Panelist Sarah McCaffrey, Moderator
US Forest Service


Panelist Marjorie Greene, Presenter
Earthquake Engineering Research Institute


PanelistDuane Gill, Presenter
Oklahoma State University


PanelistBrenda Mackie, Presenter
Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre


Panelist Hannah Brenkert-Smith, Presenter
University of Colorado at Boulder


Organizer: Hannah Brenkert-Smith, University of Colorado at Boulder