Predictable, Preventable: Community Work to Reduce Disasters

Mon. 2:00-3:30 p.m., Centennial F

Moving away from postdisaster lessons learned and unmet needs reports to prevention is the next frontier in disaster thinking. Audience members should bring ideas for working proactively with the highest-risk communities—nothing will be considered too off the wall—and learn more about innovative partnerships with local leaders. Panelists will detail the work their organizations are doing to reduce future risk through preparation and response.

Panelist Elaine Enarson, Moderator
Independent Scholar


Panelist Marcilyn Cianfarani, Panelist
Royal Roads University


PanelistAnnie Gebhardt, Panelist
National Sexual Violence Resource Center


PanelistPavlos Stavropoulos, Panelist
Woodbine Ecology Center


Panelist Sandra Maina, Panelist
Florida International University


Panelist Rev. Tyronne Edwards, Panelist
Zion Travelers Cooperative


Organizer: Elaine Enarson, Independent Scholar