The Next Generation: Role of Youth in Community Resiliency II

Mon. 2:00-3:30 p.m., Interlocken A

This second of two complementary sessions will address the vision and effort by youth and their mentors around hazards from mitigation to adaptation and relocation. The sessions highlight the role of youth and mentors who live and learn in vulnerable places and are in a unique position to view and understand hazards and how their risk can be reduced.

The students and their mentors will emphasize how their collaboration highlights the perspective of youth and how youth can play an important role in achieving resilience for vulnerable areas. Their presentations will also discuss the difficulties of teaching and working in vulnerable areas. The relationship of mentors and students is illustrative of how youth can address vulnerability to build toward community resiliency.

Panelist Lori Peek, Moderator
Colorado State University


Panelist Shirley Laska, Panelist
University of New Orleans


Panelist Scott Denning, Panelist
Colorado State University


PanelistJordan Allen, Panelist
Colorado State University


PanelistJennifer Roberts, Panelist
Bayou Land RC&D Council


PanelistMilan Taylor, Panelist
Rockaway Youth Task Force


PanelistJo Sauriol, Panelist
Monson, Massachusetts


PanelistLaura Sauriol, Panelist
Monson, Massachusetts


Organizer: Kristina Peterson, UNO-CHART