Disasters and Community Resilience: National Research Council Findings and Guidance

Mon. 8:30-10:00 a.m., Interlocken A/B

In 2010, the Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy and the National Academies Disasters Roundtable initiated a study aimed at improving conceptualization and measurement of societal resilience to disasters. The study committee was asked to define "national resilience," frame the primary issues related to increasing national resilience to hazards and disasters in the United States, and provide goals, baseline conditions, or performance metrics for resilience at a national level. They were also to describe U.S. resilience knowledge, outline gaps and obstacles to increasing resilience, and present conclusions and recommendations about what approaches are needed to elevate national resilience. This plenary featuring committee members has been scheduled in anticipation of an early summer release of the report.

Panelist Susan Cutter, Moderator
University of South Carolina


PanelistMonica Schoch-Spana, Panelist
University of Pittsburgh Center for Biosecurity


PanelistGerald Galloway, Panelist
University of Maryland


PanelistEllis Stanley, Panelist


Organizers: Lauren Alexander-Augustine, Disasters Roundtable of The National Academies