Fostering Resilient Communities: From National Initiatives to the Grassroots and Back

Tue. 9:00-10:30 a.m., Interlocken C

This session will look at a several national pilot programs that seek to spark local resilience-building activities. The Natural Hazard Mitigation Association has embarked on a peer-to-peer community mentoring initiative to promote long-term local hazard mitigation planning and activities. The Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration is engaged in pilot projects to assess the utility of creating additional incentives for community action. And the American Red Cross has pilot community engagement projects in several cities to test if local chapters can step out of their traditional role as emergency service providers and act as hub for building ongoing community resilience. These programs will be discussed both in terms of their grassroots successes, and how those local results might inform national policy.

Panelist Ann Patton, Moderator
Natural Hazard Mitigation Association


PanelistTim Lovell, Panelist
Tulsa Partners


PanelistDarrin Punchard, Panelist


PanelistRuss Paulsen, Panelist
American Red Cross


Panelist David Maurstad, Panelist
Strategic Alliance for Risk Reduction


Organizer: Alessandra Jerolleman, Natural Hazard Mitigation Association