Bridging the Gap: What Does Industry Want from Hazard Science?

Mon. 4:00-5:30 p.m., Interlocken B

Many components of risk reduction and resilience hinge on business and industry disaster readiness and their responses to unfolding events. As the usefulness of public-private partnerships is increasingly recognized, social and natural scientists have new opportunities to engage in ongoing conversations with the business community. In this session, representatives from major corporations and industries will discuss what they now get from natural and social sciences related to natural hazards, as well as what they still need.

Panelist John Bwarie, Moderator
U.S. Geological Survey


Panelist Lucy Jones, Panelist
U.S. Geological Survey


PanelistLee Davis, Panelist


PanelistDavid Krantz, Panelist
Columbia University


Organizer: John Bwarie, U.S. Geological Survey