The Future of Green Codes and Standards: Is There a Place for Disaster Resistance?

Sun. 3:30-5:00 p.m., Spruce

The ICC-700 Green Building Standard, ICC-International Green Construction Code (IgCC) and LEED are examples of green codes—standard and rating systems that will increasingly influence the way buildings are built. The term “green” is generally considered synonymous with improved performance, particularly in energy, resource, and water efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and site development. As the adoption of green building practices becomes more prevalent, so does the question of whether or not these metrics can provide greater natural hazard resistance. The panel will address key green codes, how codes address building service life, functional resilience, and the potential to incorporate disaster resistance to natural hazards as an essential component of sustainability.


Panelist Erin Walsh, Moderator
Federal Emergency Management Agency


Panelist Erin Ashley, Panelist
URS Corporation


PanelistAnthony Floyd, Panelist
City of Scottsdale, Arizona


PanelistJeremy Sigmon, Panelist
United States Green Building Council


Panelist Gary Ehrlich, Panelist
National Association of Home Builders


Organizer: Erin Ashley, URS Corporation