Weather Ready Nation

Sun. 3:30-5:00 p.m., Centennial E

Increased weather extremes are one of the most tangible manifestations of climate change. There is a growing consensus on the need for public education programs that communicate this message and encourage preparedness. Communities, states, and others, such as businesses, could be caught unaware by more extreme weather events, more frequent flooding, and other impacts associated with climate change. Panelists will discuss initiatives that focus on identifying indicators to make our nation “weather ready.”

Panelist Margaret Davidson, Moderator
NOAA Coastal Services Center


PanelistAmy Luers, Panelist
Skoll Global Threats Fund


PanelistCarolyn Kousky, Panelist
Resources for the Future


Panelist Karen Raucher, Panelist
Stratus Consulting


Organizer: Jennifer Sprague, National Weather Service