Silver Jackets: Leveraging Resources for Integrated Flood Risk Management Solutions

Tue. 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Interlocken A

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Silver Jackets Program, begun in 2005, supports an ongoing effort to create a unified interagency approach to reducing flood risk and flood fight and recovery expenditures. Silver Jackets teams are different from prior approaches because they are state-led collaborations of USACE, FEMA, and other federal agencies, with some participation by local and tribal governments and NGOs. There are now 33 Silver Jackets teams and most other states have ongoing efforts to develop a team. Recently, USACE solicited funding proposals from individual teams for projects to encourage integrated flood risk management solutions, with a strong emphasis on leveraging existing resources and demonstrating success in terms of enabling flood risk management actions by others. Concurrently, FEMA Risk MAP has progressed in developing its Action Metrics. This session will discuss the successes and ongoing challenges encountered in evaluating these projects across agencies and levels of government.

Panelist Larry Larson, Moderator
Association of State Floodplain Managers


Panelist Jennifer Dunn, Panelist
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


PanelistMike Anderson, Panelist


PanelistMark Stephensen, Panelist
Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security


PanelistTom Morey, Panelist
Kansas Department of Agriculture


Organizer: Edward Hecker, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Institute for Water Resources