U.S. Business Emergency Management Use of Weather Information

Sun. 1:30-3:00 p.m., Centennial E

The U.S. commercial sector (large supply stores, communication companies, etc.) is often a very sophisticated and demanding user of weather information when hazardous weather approaches. It uses these forecasts for preparedness activities, such as staging equipment and people or ordering additional stock. These preparations provide immediate response and often jumpstart long-term recovery. This session will discuss the weather information required by this sector, how it is used, and what information improvements could be of further help. In addition, sector representatives will discuss how they work with customers, coordinate with other sectors and the public during disaster response and recovery, and whether the coordination works well or not.

Panelist William Hooke, Moderator
American Meteorological Society


Panelist Lee Davis, Panelist


PanelistHans Wagner, Panelist
Early Alert


PanelistDavid Lusk, Panelist
FedEx Express


PanelistRobert Glancy, Panelist
U.S. National Weather Service

Organizer: William Hooke, American Meteorological Society