National Disaster Recovery Framework

Sun. 3:30-5:00 p.m., Centennial F

The new National Disaster Recovery Framework is designed to encourage predisaster planning for postdisaster recovery and to provide recovery support to disaster-stricken communities, states, and tribal governments. The framework lays out core recovery principles and also identifies three new recovery-related roles: federal recovery coordinator, state or tribal recovery coordinator, and local disaster recovery manager. The framework also identifies six Recovery Support Functions managed by different federal agencies. They include community planning and capacity building (FEMA), economic recovery (Department of Commerce), health and social services (HHS), housing (HUD), infrastructure systems (USACE), and natural and cultural resources (Department of the Interior). Panelists will discuss progress that has been made in implementing the framework, as well as the challenges.

Panelist Deborah Ingram, Moderator
Federal Emergency Management Agency


Panelist Bob Dixson, Panelist
Greensburg, Kansas


PanelistMatthew Campbell, Panelist
Federal Emergency Management Agency


PanelistJames Schwab, Panelist
American Planning Association


Panelist Patricia Skinner, Panelist
LSU AgCenter—Extension Disaster Education Network


Organizer: Deborah Ingram, Federal Emergency Management Agency