The Tubes are Clogged: Disaster Messages via Social Media

Mon. 2:00-3:30 p.m., Centennial F

Social media and the digital world are changing the way we research, prepare for, describe, learn about, and communicate about disasters. As with rapid expansion into any frontier, many questions of propriety have been left in the dust. This session will first describe exciting new areas, from using social media for disaster communications to using virtual worlds for disaster preparedness. Then it will discuss whether traditional regimes for regulating disaster communications—such as laws governing equal access and language accessibility—apply, and whether those old rules are appropriate for these brave new worlds.

Ben Smilowitz Ben Smilowitz, Moderator
Disaster Accountability Project


Nancy Nicholson Nancy Nicholson, Panelist
University of Delaware


PanelistSophia Liu, Panelist
University of Colorado at Boulder


Ali AsgaryAli Asgary, Panelist
York University


Ali AsgarySuzanne Frew, Panelist
Pacific Disaster Center