Weather Forecasts: Bridging the Gap from Research to Operations

Sun. 1:30-3:00 p.m., Interlocken A

Though knowledge on the social impacts of weather forecasts continues to grow and improve, this information is often not translated into daily, operational forecasting. What do social scientists regard as their most useful findings and what do they think are the best ways to apply their newest research? Why is existing knowledge not being incorporated into practice to a greater degree? This session will explore where and how social science research can be integrated into meteorological forecasting to better serve the public, stimulate responsible action, and save lives and property.

Tanja Fransen Tanja Fransen, Moderator
National Weather Service


Darone Jones Darone Jones, Panelist
National Weather Service


John GaynorJohn Gaynor, Panelist


William HookeWilliam Hooke, Panelist
American Meteorological Society


Sheldon DrobotSheldon Drobot, Panelist
National Center for Atmospheric Research