How Can We Better Estimate Storm Damage?

Sun. 3:30-5:00 p.m., Interlocken A

Multiple agencies and organizations are involved in collecting severe weather impact data, but no formalized methodology exists to collect, interpret, and disseminate this information. Large variation and significant uncertainty exist among various data sets. When there is a major transportation accident, the National Transportation Safety Board uses a structured framework to estimate the cost of the accident and provide guidance on ways of avoiding future accidents. Such data are critical for transportation safety. Why doesn’t the nation have a parallel system for documenting the costs associated with severe storms? Do we need a plan for coordinated storm investigations similar to the NTSB’s?

Maria Vorel Maria Vorel, Moderator


R. Samuel Winningham R. Samuel Winningham, Panelist


Chris MaierChris Maier, Panelist
NOAA National Weather Service


John OgrenJohn Ogren, Panelist
NOAA National Weather Service Training Center