Natural Hazards Center

Annotated Bibliographies

The Gender and Disaster Sourcebook
The Gender and Disaster Sourcebook is a searchable electronic database developed and maintained by the Gender and Disaster Network. The database contains publications relevant to gender equality and disaster risk reduction, planning and practice tools, cross-cutting issues, education, and much more. (2006)

Disasters by Design: A Reassessment of Natural Hazards in the United States – A Bibliography
A collection of citations to the academic literature supporting the summary volume of the Second National Assessment of Research on Natural Hazards. (1999)

Public Hazards Communication Bibliography
Contains more than 350 annotated references to published documents that address the communication of hazards-related information to the public. Each reference is followed by a brief summary describing the main findings from the report, article, chapter, or book. Documents that address disaster preparedness and response are included, with a focus on hazards warnings and disaster evacuations. Studies include reference to both natural and technological hazards. (2006)

A Bibliography on Evacuation from Building Fires: Education, Behavior, and Simulation Techniques
This bibliography contains over 200 references to published documents that address the following topics related to building fires: 1) occupant training and education; 2) behavioral modeling of occupant evacuation from building fires; 3) occupant behavioral response to information, warnings, and cues in building fires; and 4) computer models used to simulate occupant evacuation from building fires. (2006)

Hurricane Katrina Research Bibliography
This bibliography, which was developed by members of the Social Science Research Council Task Force on Katrina and Rebuilding the Gulf Coast, includes reference information for reports, journal articles, book chapters, and books that explore the human effects of Hurricane Katrina. Citations are organized according to the following subject areas: children and schools; displaced persons; economic effects and employment; elderly; emergency preparedness and response; environmental effects; evacuation; gender; health and health care; housing; media; post-disaster recovery; race and class; and research methods. The bibliography also includes authored books that discuss Katrina in general, edited books that cover a range of subjects related to the storm, special issues of scholarly journals, documentary films, and Web sites dedicated to Katrina.

International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR) Tsunami Bibliography
ISDR has gathered literature to commemorate the 26 December 2004 earthquake and tsunami. This catalogue lists major academic, technical and scientific publications on tsunami as well as reports produced by United Nations agencies.

Selected Resources on Gender and Disaster, Gender and Disaster Network
Lists citations to disaster materials with a gender focus. It includes books, proceedings, initiatives, networks, and audiovisual and foreign language materials.

Pandemic and Public Health Preparedness and Response Bibliography
A collection of citations focusing on pandemics, such as influenza, West Nile, and SARS, and public health initiatives. Reports, books, manuals, assessments, and an individual video briefing are compiled this bibliography.

Interoperability as a Function of Disaster Response Bibliography
Containing 20 citations, this bibliography presents media briefings, Congressional acts, government reports, manuals, and academic literature addressing interoperability and its function in effective disaster response.