May 2006
Volume XXX | Number 5

Table of Contents

The 1906 Earthquake and Public Policy
 —an invited comment

Pacific Disaster Center and Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative
Launch New Disaster Risk Management Communication Tool

New Quick Response Reports from the Natural Hazards Center

Washington Update

Fun Facts: Storm Names Retired

LSU Takes On Herculean Hurricane Task

Mark Your Calendars

Feature Article:
Dealing with Foreign Dead: An Evolution of Mass-Casualty Identification

Seismopolis: New Center Educates Public about Earthquakes and Earthquake Safety

Lightning Safety: An Issue with International Significance

New Presidential Disaster Declaration Web Site

Certification in Disaster Medicine Responds to Growing Need

Conferences and Training

Internet Pages

Contracts and Grants

NIH Announces Rapid Assessment Post-Impact of Disaster Grants

FEMAís FY 2006 Repetitive Flood Claims Program

Recent Publications

New Resource on Gender and Disaster

Who We Are

Editorís Note: Unfortunately, Rob Pudim, our fabulous cartoonist, was not able to provide new illustrations for this issue. This gave us the fun opportunity to take a stroll down memory lane and revisit Observers past. It was startling to find so many cartoons that still hold relevance today. Sadly, the same stories are being told. Enjoy the old art, be sure to note the dates; it is our past, our present, but hopefully not our future.

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