Volume XXVII, Number 2

November 2002

Table of Contents

Securing Society Against Catastrophic Earthquake Losses

--an invited comment

FEMA Awards Firefighter Grants

Workshop Notebook Now On-Line

Land Use Planning as a Mitigation Tool: State Law Summary Publication Revised and Reissued

Help Wanted: Delaware Disaster Research Center Director

Natural Disaster Health Research Network Seeks You

Washington Update

A Letter to the Editor
Of Personal Responsibility and Politics: A Response to Last Month's Invited Comment

Worldwide Emergency Services Initiative from Down Under

Earthshaking New Program Will Lead to Better Forecasting

On The Line

On The Line II

Contracts and Grants

NIST Receives $16 Million to Study Trade Center Collapse

HHS Awards $11.4 Million Contract to Assess Health of Workers, Volunteers at WTC Disaster Site

Universities Form Bio-Research Consortium

Conferences and Training

Emergency Response Improvements in the Big Apple

Internet Pages

Recent Publications

MMWR Looks at Health Impacts of September 11

Hot Off the Federal Presses

Who We Are

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