Volume XXVI, No 5

May 2002

Table of Contents

When Disasters and Small Business Collide
--an invited comment

Perspectives from Ground Zero: Our Latest Quick Response Reports

Canadians Launch Program to Protect Children in Daycare from Disasters

Disability Organization Announces Disaster Mobilization Initiative

Florida Passes Statewide Building Code to Make Structures More Hurricane Resistant

Have Expertise, Will Consult
Announcing Our New Referral Service

Washington Update

Announcing the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research

New Center Launches Ogmius Newsletter

San Francisco Develops Action Plan for Earthquakes

EERI Kicks Off Quake '06 Campaign

Internet Pages

Wharton Seeks Info on Insurance Economics and Risk Management

Announcing the Asian-Pacific Network of Centers for Earthquake Engineering Research (ANCER)

New Stuff from the Flood Insurance Folks

Contracts and Grants

NIST Project Examines WTC Occupant Behavior

NASA Funds Project to Test Use of Remote Sensing in Emergency Management

Conferences and Training

New Independent Study Course from FEMA

NFPA Seeking Comments on Disaster Management Standards Once More

Announcing a New Program for Recent Ph.D.'s in Climate Change Research

Recent Publications

Chapel Hill Announces Five Case Studies of Citizen Participation in Hazard Mitigation Planning

Gender and Disaster Clearinghouse Seeking Donations

Who We Are

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