Natural Hazards Center Library

Other Hazards-Related Libraries and
Resource Centers

Avalanche Research Media Library
This site contains a large collection of videos, accident reports, photographs, maps, television shows, and audio files about avalanches. The site lists a goal of acting as a memory bank for the avalanche community on both a local and global scale. Users can browse the collection and submit their own videos and documents for the community.

Benfield Hazard Research Center
The publications section of the Web site offers various published works on risk and disaster management studies.

Disaster Research Center
The E.L. Quarantelli Resource Collection at the University of Delaware's Disaster Research Center provides bibliographic access to their book, monograph, and report series. Additionally, many of the listings are annotated. Nearly all of their preliminary papers, as well as many papers in other publications series, are available to be downloaded online free of charge.

Emergency Planning College
The Emergency Planning College Library and Information Center is designated by the European Commission as the UK Documentation Center for Emergency Planning.

Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center (HRRC)
The collection consists of books, monographs, research reports, articles, preliminary papers and visuals produced by faculty and research scientists of HRRC. All of the publications are available at a minimal cost.

Hazards Research Lab
This site provides bibliographic access to journal articles, books, and reports by faculty and students of the Hazards Research Lab at the University of South Carolina.

Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS)
IBHS provides resources related to disaster loss and reduction and how to protect against the damaging effects of hazards. Many documents are downloadable or can be obtained free of charge.

Jeanne X. Kasperson Research Library
The Kasperson Research Library at Clark University offers an extensive research collection on risks and hazards and global environmental change.

National Emergency Training Center Library
The NETC library provides current information and resources on All-Hazards subjects. It contains citations to over 180,000 books, periodicals, reports, and journal articles, many of which can be obtained online or through Interlibrary Loan.

Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (MCEER)
MCEER publications include technical reports, workshop and conference proceedings, special publications, and monographs of research and development in earthquake loss reduction.

Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)
PAHO's Health Library for Disasters (HeLiD) hosts a variety of information resources on public health for disasters and complex emergencies reduction.

Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI)
PERI's clearinghouse, library, and bookstore provide links to resources in risk management, disaster management, and environmental liability management.

This Web site contains bibliographic information on natural hazards and disaster related events and human rights documents.

United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR)
Library on Disaster Reduction
The ISDR library maintains a specialized collection focused on disaster risk reduction and related issues, including sustainable development, climate change, warning systems, environment, education, and gender.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Digital Library
This Web site provides images of selected types of disasters and emergency response efforts of the Corps. New and historic photographs are available for public use.