2. 1993 - 1994 Research Reports (Sharon Gabel) folder

 2.1 White, Gilbert. "Tasks for Sharon Gabel". 5 May 1993. RE: Research tasks for graduate student assistant, Summer 1993 through Summer 1994, Gabel Research folder.
 2.2 Gabel, Sharon. Work report. 12 August 1993. RE: Research completed and tasks remaining, Summer 1993, Gabel Research folder
 2.3 Gabel, Sharon. Progress report. 9 June 1994. RE: Gabel Research folder.
 2.4 Gabel, Sharon. Progress report. 11 July 1994. RE: Gabel Research folder.


3. Blue Ribbon Panel Folder

 3.1 Blue Ribbon Panel. Minutes of March 11, 1985 meeting. 15 March 1985. RE: Report on tributary floodplain management; private and public costs, Blue Ribbon Panel folder.
 3.2 Teter, Katherine and Matthew Appelbaum. Memo to Boulder City Staffs, Open Space and Parks and Recreation Citizen Advisory Boards. 9 April 1985. RE: Blue Ribbon Panel folder, Boulder Creek modifications.
 3.3 White, Gilbert F. Letter to J. Ernest Flack. 27 February 1984. RE: Blue Ribbon Panel folder, suggested additions to the report.
 3.4 White, Gilbert F. Memo to Joseph de Raimes, Barbara Evans, J. Ernest Flack, Barbara Greenlea, Spenser Havlick, Roger Olson, Philip Stern. 1 February 1985. RE: Invitation to luncheon with Jerry Olson (FEMA) to discuss flood insurance and flood management, Blue Ribbon Panel folder.