Table of Contents

Boulder Creek Flood Notebook

Action to be Taken Following the Major Boulder Creek Flood

Instructions for Release of Funds
Potential Coordinators for Boulder Flood Pamphlet
Map of Boulder

Instructions for the Coordinator

Sample Press Release
Contacts for Boulder Flood Research

Instructions for Field Workers

Reading List for Field Workers
Data Sheets and Instructions for Interviews

Lives and Injuries

Part 1: Deaths
Part 2: Injuries
Part 3: Mental trauma cases

Property Damages

Part 1: Locations
Part 2: Property Damage Data Sheet

Social Disruption

Part 1: Traffic Blockages
Part 2: Effect on public utilities and service
Part 3: Personal Lives

Warning Systems Evaluation
Part 1: Operation of detection and warning systems
Part 2: Personal Interviews: Warning/Response System Evaluation

Floodplain Habitat

Research Materials

Additional reading materials
Gilbert F. White Boulder Creek Floodplain Papers
Inventory of Boulder Creek Floodplain Materials
Carnegie Library Holdings
Location and Inventory of Photographs

Completed Sections:
The Boulder Creek Flood of 19/20(??)

Suggested title page:
Boulder Creek Flood Pamphlet Outline
Opening Statement - Preface
The Boulder Creek Flood: Selected References

Publication and Distribution

Publication Directions
Draft Distribution List for Boulder Creek Flood Pamphlet

Estimated cost of research and production

Appendix A: Carnegie Library Holdings