Carnegie Library Holdings:

Gilbert F. White Papers on the Boulder Creek Flooplain History and the Big Thompson Flood (1976)

The Carnegie Branch of the Boulder Public Library has two boxes of papers on the Boulder Creek Floodplain History and the Big Thompson Flood (1976), donated in 1991 by Gilbert F. White. The collections can be viewed at the Carnegie Library (1125 Pine St.) by asking the reference librarian for assistance. The call numbers for the collections are # 764 (Boulder Creek Floodplain History) and # 765 (Big Thompson Flood). No documents may be CHECKED out, however, photocopies of documents may be made at the library. The library can also arrange for laser copies of photographs of past floods to be made (at cost).

The contents of the Carnegie collections of Gilbert F. White's papers are listed Appendix A of this notebook. This inventory was obtained by downloading an electronic copy of the holdings entered into the Colorado Area Research Library (CARL) system. The following abbreviations are used.

CARN refers to the Carnegie Branch of the Boulder Public Library.

CALL # identifies the location of the document within the library.

ftamc: found under the "Other Entries" heading; this is an archival designation used within the library profession for filing purposes; not of great interest to the general researcher.

Electronic Inventory of Gilbert F. White Papers