Rescheduling of Workshops Cancelled Due to Flood

September 20, 2013

Flooded River in Boulder County

The following GTP workshops that were cancelled due to the storm and flooding closure have been rescheduled:

TIGER 1: Workshops on Teaching 

October 24         Teaching Science Labs

200 Roser ATLAS  Lorine Giangola, Lead Coordinator, STEM, Graduate Teacher Program

STEM labs and recitations involve more teacher-student interaction than traditional lecture courses. This workshop discusses strategies for enhancing student learning in labs and recitations by improving the quality of teachers’ responses to students’ questions.

Friday Forum with Faculty

November 15            Preparing Your Teaching Portfolio

200 Roser ATLAS       Laura L. B. Border, Director, Graduate Teacher Program

The preparation of a teaching portfolio can help you determine your career path, guide your pursuit of pedagogical expertise and professional development, and prepare you for your job interview. Dr. Border provides guidance and a format to follow.

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