Sisterhood & Friendship

Joining a sorority is the beginning of a new experience with new friends and a new home away from home. Since all sororities stress their individuality during the membership selection process, each chapter’s new member program extends for a different length of time. Asking questions about each chapter’s program content during the recruitment process will help you make the decision that best meets your needs.

During the first semester of your association, all of the activities are designed to orient you with your sorority’s history and goals, while working toward initiation. Such activities as retreats, service projects, meetings, study programs and formal dinners will help you in building a strong foundation for sorority life.

One of the most enjoyable parts of joining a sorority involves making new friends and forming bonds that will last long after college. You not only will learn to live with others, but through sharing the same experiences, environment and interests, you will develop a very special closeness to those around you. As friends, they will share you success, happiness and occasional evenings just relaxing at the chapter house.Sisterhood means more than wearing Greek letters, attending meetings and going to parties. It is a feeling and sense of belonging. It is the feeling of being yourself and being respected for your individuality. Sisterhood is the making of friendships that will last a lifetime. It is the feeling of knowing you can count on your sisters in good times and in challenging times.

Sisterhood is having women there to help guide you through the college transition. During your sorority education program as a new member, you will get to know many women; however, you also will be matched with a Big Sis or mentor. You and your Big Sis will have a very special friendship, and she is a person upon whom you can always count.