Sorority Life

In a Sorority at the University of Colorado at Boulder, you can be anything you want to be! You will have an opportunity to make your goals a reality and share them with many friends.

Membership in a sorority provides you with an opportunity for personal growth and individual achievement. The feeling of belonging to a sorority is incomparable to anything you’ve ever experienced before! Let’s examine some of the realities of the sorority world today:

Reality: Sorority women are united to tap the wealth of resources in the women’s community, traits that may emerge and be identified more readily in a women’s organization.

Reality: Sororities are uniquely positioned to identify and to develop women leaders in the student community today and for the local, national and global communities of tomorrow.

Reality: Sororities consistently, in their day-to-day operations and activities, provide a matrix in which the social, economic and political issues affecting the rights and progress of women in society can be identified.

Reality: Sororities lay the foundation of “networking,” the critical interdependence of women who depend on one another’s resourcefulness and who pull together for academic success and the success of the chapter. Networking also teaches how to establish contacts in professional life.

INVOLVEMENT in Greek and campus activities is an important part of sorority life. The wide variety of projects in which sorority members can become involved gives everyone something they will enjoy. Community Service, Family Weekend, dinner exchanges, Homecoming, Greek Study Tables, Intramurals, Greek Week, Leadership Seminars, and events with other fraternities and sororities are only a few of the activities in which Greeks are involved.

The Panhellenic Association and individual chapters also sponsor educational programs on current topics. There’s always something to do and always a place for you!