Do I have to live in the chapter house once I become a member?

Sorority members have the opportunity to live in beautiful historic homes within walking distance of campus. Chapter houses are privately owned and maintained by local or national sorority alumnae house corporations. Upper class members may have an obligation to live in the sorority house; however, each sorority establishes its own regulations regarding members living in or out of the chapter house. Potential members should ask each sorority about individual requirements for living in or out of the chapter house during formal recruitment.

Each sorority employs a full-time, live-in house director, also referred to as a “house mother.” The house director oversees the daily operations of the chapter house. The sorority houses provide a comfortable and secure environment for the members.

Each sorority establishes house rules, including visitation and quiet hours. The possession and consumption of alcohol on sorority property is prohibited. Study hours, dining facilities, and workout facilities are a few of the features you will find in each sorority house. Sorority houses are truly a “home away from home.”

What is the average cost of being in a sorority?

It is important for students and parents to be as informed as possible regarding the costs associated with obtaining a college education. Understanding the financial obligations associated with sorority membership is just as important.

Each woman joining a sorority should be aware of the dues, fees and other expenses that are involved and should consider these when making financial plans to attend college. During Formal Recruitment, a potential member should ask sorority members about financial obligations and payment options. Each sorority sets its own fees and housing costs as well as payment schedule.

The average cost of joining a sorority for the first semester is $1,295.50. This first semester is typically higher because of one-time expenses and fees which are required by the (inter)national headquarters.

Typically in the second year of membership, most chapters require members to live within the sorority facility. Each of our chapters recognize the importance of remaining competitive with annual costs of other student housing options both on and off campus. The average annual cost of sorority membership for a member who lives in the sorority chapter house is $6041 per semester. This cost includes all membership fees as well as room and board. For comparison, the cost of living in the CU Residence Halls in a standard double-occupancy room with a dining plan providing 19 meals per week for the 2013-2014 is $ 6129 per semester.

2013-2014 Financial Information (subject to change):

New Member Fall Semester Average: $1295.50

Live-in Member Fall Semester Average: $6041.00

Live-out Member Fall Semester Average: $902.50

For specific financial information before or during Formal Recruitment, direct your questions to your Rho Gamma or the Membership Recruitment Coordinator at panhellenic@colorado.edu. Each sorority also will be able to answer questions during Formal Recruitment.

Is there a minimum required GPA to become a member, and are there any scholarships to help pay sorority fees?

Scholarship, academics and grades are the mainstays of college life, and the sororities at CU recognize the importance of directing students into special scholarship programs. Although Panhellenic does not require a specific grade-point average to participate in recruitment, each sorority has a minimum grade requirement for joining and initiation. Potential members should ask each sorority about individual academic requirements during formal recruitment.

It is important to understand that if your grade point average is lower than the average chapter requirements, your chances of joining will be low.

CU Greek Women want you to do well in school, and there are programs in place to help. Many chapters have study table hours to assist you in time management and tutor programs to create an environment in which you can excel. Scholarships may be available through individual chapters and national sororities for initiated members.

Greek-letter organizations were founded on the principle of success scholarship. The academic performance of each chapter is tabulated every semester to determine overall chapter rankings. The all-sorority average has been consistently higher than the undergraduate all-women’s average. The all-sorority grade point average is typically above a 3.0.