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February 2013


To all CU-Boulder Graduate Students:  Here are a few items that may be of interest or use to you.

John Sevenson, Dean,
and the Graduate School Staff


Final Call: First-Year Grad Students, we Want Your Input!
Win a 16GB iPod Nano or $150 cash for participating in the survey at to help the Graduate School better help you and your fellow graduate students.  Sorry, only first-year graduate students may participate this time. Survey deadline Feb. 11.

Grad Student Features of the Month: 

Anna Englander

Anna Englander recently returned from a trip to Italy, where she sang the key role of Suzuki for three performances of Puccini’s classic Madama Butterfly in different cities. She reflects on this amazing opportunity, "The wonderful people, unique atmosphere, Italian language and delicious food all added to my incredible adventure of performing a beautiful show in three Italian opera houses."

Englander is 
a mezzo-soprano who received her bachelor’s degree from CU-Boulder and is now in pursuing a master’s degree in the College of Music. You can see her perform in galas with the University's Opera Theater Singers, and she will star in an upcoming production of Little Women. Read more about her performance in this article or check out her feature on the Graduate School's website. 

daniel Higgs

Daniel Higgs, a doctoral student in chemistry, recently launched a website,, with CU-Boulder staff member Nathan Campbell. The goal of this site is to link CU-Boulder students with other students who can provide specialized skills. Both students who have skills to offer or students who are looking for help will find this site useful. Check out an article in the Daily Camera about this site, and read about Higgs in his student feature on the Graduate School website. 
More features >>


Part-Time Job Opportunity

Part-time Communications Assistant wanted by the Graduate School

The Graduate School is seeking a wonderful graduate student communications assistant. See for details.

Funding Opp!

UGGS Travel Grants and Group Grants

Applications will be accepted until February 6 at

professional development opportunity 

The Los Alamos National Laboratory Engineering Institute is planning to invite a multidisciplinary (e.g. computer science, engineering, biology, physics, earth sciences, mathematics/statistics) group of advanced, highly accomplished PhD students and post-doctoral researchers from around the country to come to Los Alamos National Laboratory for an opportunity to work on multi-disciplinary teams to generate novel, creative solutions to pressing national security problems and build the skills needed for successful research program development at national laboratories and in academia. View this flyer for more information.

communicating science workshop

Applications are currently open for the Communicating Science 2013 workshop for graduate students in the science fields, to be held in Cambridge, MA, June 13-15, 2013. Participants will build the communication skills that technical professionals need to express complex ideas to their peers, experts in other fields, and the general public. Limited travel funding is available. The deadline for applications is March 1, 2013. Visit the website for more information.

Conference on Earth and Energy research 

The Colorado School of Mines Graduate Student Association will host the Conference on Earth and Energy Research on February 21-22, 2013. CU-Boulder students are welcome to submit proposals for presentations. The abstract submission deadline is February 9. Visit the website for more information or to submit an abstract. 

Change agents needed 

The Diversity Summit Planning Committee and the Chancellor’s Committee on Women are looking for some great graduate student committee members to help further their important missions. They don’t have to take a lot of time. If interested, please contact  

graduate school dissertation completion fellowship 

This fellowship is intended to provide outstanding PhD candidates with financial support to assist in the process of completing their doctoral dissertations. The fellowship consists of full support for one academic semester (either fall or spring of the following academic year), and includes a monthly stipend equal to that of the current 50% GPTI salary, tuition coverage of up to five dissertation hours, mandatory fees, and coverage under the student gold health insurance plan. Visit the website for further details. The deadline is March 4, 2013. 

Education in the humanities

Leonard Cassuto, Professor of English at Fordham University, will present "The Academic Job Market:  An Ecological Introduction" on February 18 at 4:00 p.m. in the Center for British and Irish Studies in the Norlin Library.

Student Leadership Conference

The American Association of University Women has partnered with the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) to offer students the chance to attend a national conference, April 5-7, 2013 in St. Louis. More than $400,000 in funding is available for CGI U 2013 student attendees to turn their ideas into action. To be eligible for these funding opportunities, students must first apply online to attend the conference. The final application deadline is February 4.

Grad Students in the News
Lora Golann, Emily Deemer and Devon Wilton, graduate students in the Leeds School of Business, recently returned from a trip to Nicaragua. As part of a course this semester, the students are helping the Solar Program Foundation for Nicaraguan Women, which provides solar cooking stoves for rural families. Read more about their work in this Daily Camera article.

Lal Zimman, a recent doctoral graduate in the linguistics department, conducted research on speech styles and the perception of gender. Through a study of transgender people who are transistioning from female to male, Zimman found that a person’s style of speech may help determine whether the listener perceives the speaker to be male or female. Read more about his research in this article.
See also News Service's Graduate Education In-Depth Series


Feb. 1 - Apply Online to Graduate
If you're planning on graduating in the spring, you must apply online. Logon to On the Student tab, select the Apply for Graduation link under Academic Resources. This must be done whether or not you plan to attend the ceremony.

Feb. 1 - Candidacy Application for an Advanced Degree
Submit the application to the Graduate School. Applications received after February 1 may not be processed in time for commencement. Applications must have student and departmental approval when submitted. 

Also, be sure to look at the Graduation Requirements to make sure you have everything turned in to graduate.


Feb. 6 - Fulbright Grant Information Meeting, 3 pm


All workshops held in ATLAS 200 >> Visit website for details.

Feb. 4 - Keeping Them Awake: Student Engagement in the Classroom, 2 pm

Feb. 7 - Arithmetic, Population and Energy, 9:30 am

Feb. 8 - Friday Forum: What is Tenure?, 11 am
Creating the Familiar for the Unfamiliar, 1 pm

Feb. 11 - Will Your Teaching Portfolio Get You Hired, or Not?,    
2 pm

Feb. 12 - Participative Pedagogy through Technology: Introducing Gogy, 11 am 

Feb. 14 - Productive Teacher-Student Interactions in STEM Labs and Recitations, 9:30 am

Feb. 15 - Engaging in Difficult Classroom Dialogues around Race and Ethnic Diversities, 11 am
Teaching Veterans, 1 pm

Feb. 18 - Getting Your First Paper Published: Tips from the Trenches, 2 pm

Feb. 19 - Teaching the Digital Natives: Challenges and Opportunities Afforded by Technology, 11 am

Feb. 21 - Adapting the General Chemistry Laboratory for Visually Impaired Students, 9:30 am

Feb. 22 - Friday Forum: What Does it Mean to be a Good Colleague in Academe?, 11 am
Answering the Diversity Question in the Academic Job Interview, 1 pm 

Feb. 25 - Teamwork, or Divide and Conquer? Facilitating Collaboration in Group Projects, 2 pm

Feb. 26 - Staying Out of Trouble or Blowing their Minds? Using Technology for Transformative Learning, 11 am

Feb. 28 - The Importance of Motivation in STEM Fields, 9:30 am

March 1 - Getting Your First Paper Published: Tips from the Trenches, 11 am
Teaching across the Gender and Sexuality Spectrum, 1 pm


Dissertation Support Group
Tuesdays, 1-3 pm, C4C S435

Grad Speak
A quarterly drop-in discussion group on topical issues related to the graduate student experience.

Learner’s Lunch: ongoing series of free workshops every Wednesday, 12-1, Norlin E113.

Feb. 6 – Going Further with Mendeley

Feb. 13 – Inbox Zero

Feb. 20 – Formatting with Word

Feb. 27 – Mobile Apps for Productivity

Learner’s Lunch: ongoing series of free workshops every Tuesday, 12-1, Howard B. Waltz Library Room N285.

Feb. 12 – Mobile Music Research

Feb. 19 –Voice Thread Part 1


Feb. 8 - From Cherry Blossoms to Snow Gardens: The Floating World of Japanese Prints

Feb. 8 - David Maisel / Black Maps: American Landscape and the Apocalyptic Sublime

Ongoing Primal Seen: Selections from the CU Art Museum's Collection of Photography from the 19th Century to the Present


Feb. 21 - "The Fossil Record and Evolution of Beetles," 6:30 pm

Beetles: Exploring the diversity, beauty & behavior of beetles


Feb. 3- Judith Olson, bassoon; Richard Holbrook, piano; Adam Ewing, lyric baritone

Feb. 6 - Scott Schwab, piano

Feb. 10 - Yahaira Nieves, bassoon; Yen-Meng Tung, piano; Valerie Estes, flute

Feb. 13 - Taylor Welshimer, oboe

Feb. 14 - Sarah Cranor, violin

Feb. 17 - Beth Deininger, violin; Tana Cochran, soprano

Feb 21 - Yoon Joo Hwang, bassoon; Kirsten Kamna, soprano

Feb. 22 - Austin Stevens, violin

Feb. 25 - Elle Kernitz, piano

Feb. 28 - Sam Griffith, trombone


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