Graduate School Advising Services

Graduate School advisors provide information and guidance to students and staff on issues including:

  • General Graduate School information, policies, and rules
  • Requirements for degrees that apply to all students
  • Exceptions to requirements
  • Registration requirements
  • Theses and dissertation format guidelines and submissions info
  • Graduation requirements and deadlines

For general inquiries, contact Graduate Student Services at, Tel: 303-492-8220, Fax: 303-492-7121.

For more specific inquiries, contact the appropriate staff member below:

Ginny Borst, Student Advisor, 303-735-3534

  • Coordination of campus issues relating to rules and policies
  • Provisional admission
  • Concurrent bachelor’s/master’s program information and processing
  • Thesis and dissertation format and submission
  • Time limits and extension requests
  • Examination committee approvals and graduate faculty appointments
  • Graduation requirements
  • Advising
  • New degree program review, including dual and concurrent programs
  • Grievance issues

Carrie Simon, Student Advisor, 303-492-2268

  • Information on Graduate School rules and policies
  • Transfer credit
  • Admission to candidacy, diploma cards, and graduation requirements
  • Late registration and grade change issues
  • Thesis/dissertation grade cards
  • Thesis and dissertation format and submission
  • Academic probation
  • Advising

Gretchen O’Connell, Assistant Dean, 303-492-6143

  • Information on Graduate School rules and policies as they relate to student faculty appointments and fellowships
  • Disbursement of scholarship and fellowship awards
  • Exceptions to graduate school policies for student faculty appointments
  • Campus Coordinator for NSF Graduate Research Fellows
  • Graduate admissions policies and procedures
  • University fellowships and recruitment funds

Patricia Krus, Assistant to the Assistant Dean, 303-492-5297

  • Graduate Student Competitive Awards
  • Application inquiries and issues
  • Updates to on-line graduate application
  • Graduate admissions website updates and maintenance