Concurrent Bachelor's/Master's Degree Programs

Increase the return on your investment by earning a bachelor's degree and master's degree concurrently in five years. The concurrent degrees at CU Boulder have been created in recognition of the increasing demand for master's level training and research skills. Programs in engineering, science, foreign languages, economics, business and others can help place you a step ahead of the competition while giving you advanced skills in a shorter amount of time using an integrated degree plan. See the program links below for specific information about admission procedures and degree requirements.

College of Arts and Sciences 
Art and Art History
Chinese/Asian Languages and Civilizations
Engineering Physics/Physics 
Ethnic Studies/Education
German studies
Integrative Physiology
Japanese/Asian Languages and Civilizations
Mathematics/Applied Math
Psychology (cognitive)
Religious Studies
Russian Studies

Leeds School of Business

College of Engineering and Applied Science
Aerospace Engineering
Applied Mathematics
Applied Mathematics/Telecommunications
Architectural Engineering
Architectural Engineering/Civil Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Chemical & Biological Engineering/Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering/Architectural Engineering
Computer Science
Computer Science/Telecommunications
Electrical Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering/Electrial Engineering
Engineering Physics/Physics 
Environmental Engineering/Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

School of Education
Ethnic Studies/Education