As a postdoctoral researcher or teacher, you play a vital role in the research and education missions of CU-Boulder.

CU-Boulder is an AAU Tier-1 research university, the only one in the Rocky Mountain region, and as such there are thousands of scholarly, scientific, and creative endeavors at any given time. Our postdocs lend inspiration, fresh perspectives, hard work, and enthusiasm to our top-ranking faculty while continuing their professional development beyond graduate school.

While postdocs are not technically constituents of the Graduate School by the nature of having received a graduate degree, we recognize that the time of transition from graduate school to a permanent career track often does not have a strong support structure.

We wish with this web page to offer links to resources that may be useful to postdocs as well as to simply recognize the many contributions of postdocs who often work so hard behind the scenes.

Note: Special Funding Opportunity

Some campus funding is available to help support bringing post-doctoral researchers to campus if their presence would contribute to the campus's goal of building a more inclusive community. The hope is to provide partial support with the remaining support either coming from research grants or from teaching a limited load.

Post doctoral researchers supported by these funds would have access to professional development opportunities and the hope would be for them to become competitive candidates for faculty positions in a couple of years.

Please contact the AVC for Faculty Diversity and Development in ODECE (currently if you have a potential candidate for such funds.    

The following sections of this Graduate School website may be of particular interest to postdocs:

Includes events that may be of interest to postdocs, including lectures, workshops, and professional development opportunities

Stories about your fellow postdocs, graduate students, alums, faculty, and staff. Tell us your story as well by completing our online features questionnaire!

Professional Development
Information on the many avenues to pursue your professional development, including workshops, certificate programs, counseling services, and networking events, many of which are provided by our two key programs:

Take advantage of information and resources available regarding such things as forming professional connections, housing, and assistance for individuals in distress.

Feedback: Please give us feedback about this web page as well as thoughts on how we may expand it to better serve postdocs needs.