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G-RAP sets itself apart from the other RAPs at CU-Boulder in its avid promotion of study abroad. Professor and Director, Artemi Romanov, leads a short-term study abroad program in the summer to Russia. CU Global Seminars offer students upper division CU Boulder credits, and qualified G-RAP students receive priority consideration, as well as access to special scholarships.

Global Studies RAP encourages students to begin considering semester and year-length study abroad programs as early as their first year.

Students in MoscowSt. Petersburg, Russia – May-June, 2015

This program is based in St. Petersburg, where students can earn nine credit hours by studying Russian language & culture. Students take intensive Russian language classes in the morning, visit palaces, museums, churches in the afternoon and attend social events, concerts, operas and ballets in the evening.

The Global Studies RAP is proud to have hosted a Spring Break trip to extraordinary Vietnam!

“As an International Affairs major with a focus on Latin America, the spring break trip to Vietnam offered by the G-RAP was an amazing way for me to see a new country that I never thought I would have visited before. Four of the other students and I were simultaneously taking a history of the Vietnam Wars class in the G-RAP at the time of the trip which allowed us to both understand the country we were going to better, and appreciate the history and culture even more. Every day we spent the morning touring the city that we were in seeing the most attractive religious and political sights, and by the afternoon we were free to explore as we pleased and follow our personal interests. I was most interested in seeing the Viet Cong’s side of the Vietnam War as well as the different religious sites that were dominantly Buddhist and Catholic. I was not disappointed. On one of the afternoons optional tours I got to visit the Cu Chi Tunnels and actually see Photo of Vietnam Triphow the VC moved across the country underground in these tunnels and even live there for up to a few months at a time. Additionally, we got to see quite a few Catholic churches that were built during the French occupation, and even more Buddhist temples and monasteries in which we could talk to the monks and ask them questions about their lives and beliefs. The group that we were traveling with was called Gate One Travels and all the students including myself loved this style of travel because it allowed us to meet 20 other great people from all over the world and make friends with a generally older crowd who had already done much more traveling and had some wisdom to share with us. I could not think of a better way to spend my freshman spring break than by joining this great group of people and experiencing a completely new world, trying new foods, and learning a different way of life.” - Henry “Louis” Allen, G-RAP Fellow 

The Global Studies RAP announced a Spring Break trip in exotic Thailand which happened on March 17 – March 29, 2015!

The Director of G-RAP, Prof. Artemi Romanov, took a handful of G-RAP students to Thailand on a trip of a life time. They toured extravagant Buddhist temples, ruins, and sampled some of the best cuisine Thailand has to offer. This enriching cultural experience was definitely a trip to remember. 

"This was a very life transforming trip for me. As a History and English major here at CU, I study a lot of different cultures, but this was the first time that I was able to travel the world and experience the cultures first hand. People in Thailand are devoutly Buddhist and it Photo of Buddhist Templewas very humbling to witness many different sacred Buddhist temples and Buddhist ruins that are scattered throughout Thailand. Click on the golden button at the left side of this page to view the many different places that we saw. In addition to being immersed in Thailand's Buddhist culture, we also ate exquisite local cuisine. It was a little scary at times not being able to know exactly what you were ordering and I spent many minutes waiting for the food to come hoping that I had ordered recognizable food. We saw very extravagant palaces that were built for the royal family of Thailand. One of my favorite relics that we visted was the Emerald Buddha Temple. The Emerald Buddha is a palladium -an object of such importance that the city or nation depends on it to provide saftey and security. When I walked into the room I could feel the centuries of history radiating off of that magnifiant piece of stone. This truly was a trip of a lifetime and I will cherish the memories that I created there for decades to come." - Aaron, Student Coordinator