Campus Transitioning Guide

Applicants & Incoming Students

This section covers topics related to applying to CU, applying for first-year housing, and Orientation.

Admissions & Applying

Can I use my preferred name when I apply to CU?

The CU-Boulder application form has a field for preferred name, and students using a preferred name are encouraged to write their preferred name in that field. However, if you are submitting any supplemental material (such as a letter of recommendation), you are highly encouraged to write your legal name in the header, even if a preferred name is used throughout, so that your supplemental materials can be easily matched to your record in a timely fashion.

Note that we are unsure if your preferred name from your Application will be fed into the Registrar's system when you enroll. Make sure to stop by their office in Regent 105 when you enroll to add your preferred name.

What if I am changing my legal name during the application process?

If you are in the process of changing your legal name as you apply, you can request the Demographic Change Form from admissions to change that if you have completed the process before confirming your intent to enroll. Once you have enrolled, you would follow the instructions later on this page for changing your name with the Registrar.

Do I need to give my gender on the application?

While gender is listed as an option on the application, it is completely optional and you do not have to give an answer. Gender is only collected for demographic and statistical purposes and does not factor into admissions decisions.

Additional Admissions concerns:

If you have any additional questions or concerns, the Admissions department has informed us that the best point of contact is your regional admissions counselor.


We are awaiting a response from Housing, so please check back soon or contact us with any questions.


Can I use my preferred name at Orientation?

A procedure is currently being worked out to allow this to happen beginning Summer of 2012. Please contact the Office of Orientation at (303) 492-4431 for more information.

Will I be housed with a roommate during my overnight stay? Can I choose which gender my roommate would be or be housed alone?

Typically students will be assigned a roommate for their overnight stay during Orientation. However, if you did not indicate a gender on your Admissions application (see above), you will receive a phone call prior to Orientation asking what type of room accommodation that you would prefer. You may choose a single or to be with a roommate, and if with a roommate which gender they should be.

For more detail about aspects of campus life described on this page, please visit Name, Pronoun, & Gender Marker Changes and Navigating Campus Life and Resources.