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There are several ways to get involved and make a difference in the GLBTQIA community at CU. From volunteering at the GLBTQRC, participating in student groups, and joining committees and coalitions, there is something for everyone!

Volunteer at the GLBTQRC

GLBTQ Resource Center volunteers are students that work to educate and outreach to the campus by providing presentations, office support, tabling, fliering, event organizing, etc. around GLBTQIA issues. GLBTQRC volunteers need to be comfortable speaking in front of groups and/or one-on-on with individuals. GLBTQRC volunteers should be motivated around social justice issues regarding marginalized populations on campus and a have a strong willingness and dedication to learn and to work with others. Initial and on-going training is provided.
  • Outreach Volunteers: Our outreach volunteers are critical to our success. They help publicize events, staff the office, greet visitors, provide information through tabling and set the atmosphere for people visiting the center.

  • Peer Education Volunteers: Part of our mission is to provide education to the broader community. This is your opportunity to help with this. Peer educators present to classrooms (on and off campus), residence halls, and student groups about gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation as well as other issues related to the GLBTQIA community. For more information about the Peer Education program, please visit the program's information page.
If you are interested in becoming either an outreach or Peer Education volunteer at the GLBTQ resource center, please contact Scarlet at for more information or for an application.

Student Advisory Board

The GLBTQ Resource Center Student Advisory Board (SAB) advises the Center staff on programming, the budget, and issues of concern to GLBTQIA students on campus. For more information on the SAB, please visit the SAB page.

Student Groups

There are several student groups in the GLBTQIA community, many which work on campus and broader advocacy as well as providing the extracurricular social/support space. Click here for a complete list of student groups and meeting times.

GLBTQ Resource Center Internships

The GLBTQ Resource Center offers the following internships for 3 hours of academic credit. Please contact Scarlet Bowen, Director of the GLBTQ Resource Center, for further information:

The Vincent Woodard Internship for Liberation and Healing: This internship honors Vincent Woodard (1971-2008), a former Assistant Professor of English at CU-Boulder who taught courses in African-American and queer studies. The intern will create an educational or social justice program or project that focuses on themes of liberation, spirituality, healing, and empowerment in and for the LGBTQ community.

The Jared Polis Internship for Politics and Human Rights: This internship honors Jared Polis, the first openly gay man elected to the U.S. House of Representatives as a freshman and the first gay parent in the United States Congress. The intern will create an educational or social justice program or project that focuses on themes of politics and human rights as it relates to the LGBTQ community.

The Angie Zapata Internship for Education and Social Transformation: This internship honors Angie Zapata (1989-2008), a transgender woman from Brighton, Colorado whose homicide case was the first to be tried under hate crime legislation protecting gender identity and expression. The intern will create an educational or social justice program or project that focuses on themes of education and positive social change in and for the LGBTQ community.

The Open Door Internship for Ethical Business Engagement: This internship honors the Open Door Foundation. The intern will create an educational or social justice program or project that focuses on the themes of equal employment opportunity and economic development for the LGBTQ community.

The Internship for Community and Coalition: The intern will create an educational or social justice program or project that seeks to create an inclusive LGBTQ community and build coalitions with other communities.

Internship Responsibilities:

  • Engage the theme of the internship using various approaches, including the arts, community building, social justice, history, and health
  • Publicize and build awareness of the program through the weekly RC bulletin, Campus Advocacy Centers, student organizations, campus departments, and word of mouth
  • Complete required program paperwork, including receipts, program proposals, and program evaluations
  • Track spending for program costs

Application Process and Deadlines:

Application Deadline Fall 2013: Friday, August 31.


  1. 1. Fill out the Arts and Sciences Internship Credit Application, which requires signatures from your faculty member, supervisor at the organization (in this case Scarlet Bowen at the Resource Center), and LGBT Studies Co-Chair, Bud Coleman. 7
  2. 2. Return to Alicia Turchette at the Women and Gender Studies office, Hazel Gates Woodruff Cottage.

Other GLBTQIA Advocacy Opportunities

There are several other ways to get involved with making a difference in the GLBTQIA community on campus. Below is an updated list of committees and coalitions which are a part of the university, or help to serve CU, which you are welcome to become involved in.

For more information or how to join any of these committees please contact us at

  • Chancellor's Standing Committee on GLBT Issues: Reporting to the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement, this task force of students, staff, and faculty aims specifically to represent the presence, concerns, and interests of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people within the university community.

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