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Information for Geology Minors

The minor program in Geological Sciences is meant for students who would like to acquire a basic knowledge of geology in addition to their major area of study. The Arts and Sciences requirements for a minor include a minimum of 18 credit hours in the minor area, including a minimum of 9 upper-division hours. The Departmental requirements for the minor are listed below. The Department strongly urges that students interested in pursuing a minor in geology consult a Departmental advisor.


1. Any 1000-level introductory sequence:

1010-3 + 1020-3 Introduction to Geology 1 (physical geology) + Geology 2 (history of earth)
1010-3 + 1040-3 Introduction to Geology 1 + Geology of Colorado
1010-3 + 1060-3 Introduction to Geology 1 + An Earth Science Perspective

Plus an introductory laboratory course:

1030-1 Introduction to Geology Laboratory

2. At least one of the following laboratory or field-oriented courses:

2001-4 Planet Earth
2700-2 Introduction to Field Geology
3010-3 Introduction to Mineralogy
3023-3 Statistics for Earth Sciences
3120-4 Structural Geology
3410-3 Paleobiology
3430-4 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
4060-4 Oceanography
4093-4 Remote Sensing of the Environment
4130-4 Geophysics and Tectonics
4241-4 Principles of Geomorphology

3. Additional geology coursework to bring the total upper division credit hours to 9 and total credit hours in geology to 18.

Connor Simmons with an ice drill ready to install a GPS monument on the Kennicott Glacier in southeastern Alaska’s Wrangell Mountains

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