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UPDATED- ALERT for Geology Majors- Fall 2014 will see a (now somewhat reduced) bumper crop of upper division field courses, and undergrad GEOL majors should take advantage of the opportunity to get this requirement of the Geology major completed while there is availability. Each field course is 2-credit hours, but most have capped enrollments of ~15 students. Below is course description of each course to be offered.

Upper division, 2-credit hour field course (GEOL 47xx) offerings for Fall 2014-

GEOL-4711 (2) Igneous and Metamorphic Field Geology Instructor-Professor Charles Stern Applies field techniques to interpretation of igneous and metamorphic rocks. Field exercises and lectures focus on collecting data required to map igneous and metamorphic rock units. Prereqs., GEOL 2700 or 2001 and GEOL 3020.

GEOL-4714 (2) Field Geophysics Instructor-TBA Applies geophysical field techniques and data interpretation to studying geological and engineering problems. Fieldwork includes seismic, gravity, magnetic, and electrical measurements. Prereqs., GEOL 2700 or 2001, and MATH 1300 and PHYS 1110, or instructor consent.

GEOL-4716 (2) Environmental Field Geochemistry Instructor-Professor Alexis Templeton Develops basic field skills in the most commonly performed tasks required for the environmental characterization of solid and aqueous wastes. Media of study include soils, stream sediments, surface waters, ground waters, and atmospheric particulates. Prereqs., GEOL 2700 or 2001, and CHEM 1011/1031, or CHEM 1113/1133, and GEOL 3320 or instructor consent.

GEOL-47XX (2) Field Studies Sedimentary Geology Instructor-Professor Paul Weimer Develops the recognition of rock types, sedimentary structures, and biogenic structures to interpret sedimentary environments. Field work involves the descriptions of multiple measured stratigraphic sections, and then the correlation of these strata and their unconformities to place them in a regional stratigraphic context. Prerequisites: GEOL 2700, GEOL 3430 or by consent of instructor

Current Geology Undergraduate Courses - Fall 2014

Course # Course Title Instructor
GEOL1010 - 002
GEOL1010 - 003
GEOL1010 - 004
GEOL1010 - 005
Introduction to Geology

Jennifer Stempien
Jennifer Stempien
Shemin Ge
GEOL1020 - 001 Earth History TBD
sections 001-018
Introduction to Geology 1 - Lab
GEOL1060 - 001 Global Change - Earth Sci Zawaski
GEOL2001 - 010 Planet Earth Eric Tilton
sections 011 - 013
Planet Earth Lab  
GEOL2040 - 001 Srch For Life In The Universe Miesch
GEOL2700 - 001 Intro to Field Geology Abbott
GEOL3010 - 010 Introduction to Mineralogy Joseph Smyth
sections 011 - 013
Introduction to Mineralogy - Lab  
GEOL3030 - 001 Intro to Hydrogeology Shemin Ge
GEOL3070 - 001 Introduction to Oceanography Forrest
GEOL3120 - 010 Structural Geology Karl Mueller
sections 011 - 014
Sedimentology/Stratigraphy David Budd
GEOL3410 Paleobiology Karen Chin
sections 011 - 012
Paleobiology - Lab  
GEOL3820- 001 Fluid Earth Greg Tucker
GEOL4093 - 010 Remote Sensing - Environ TBD
GEOL4093 - 011 Remote Sensing - Environ - Lab  
GEOL4160 - 001 Introduction to Biogeochemistry Jason Neff
GEOL4241 - 010 Principles of Geomorphology Susan Anderson
GEOL4241 - 011 Principles of Geomorphology - Lab  
GEOL4330 - 002 Cosmochemistry Stephen Mojzsis
GEOL4700 - 001 Field Studies Sedimentary Geol Paul Weimer
GEOL4700 - 005 Geol Unconven Resources Paul Weimer
GEOL4711 - 001 Igneous/Metamor Fld Geol Charles Stern
GEOL4714 - 001 Field Geophysics Schulte-Pelkum
GEOL4716 - 001 Environmental Field Geochemistry Alexis Templeton

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