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Current News

CU-Boulder ranks #2 for "Best Global Universities for Geosciences"

Boulder team wins international water prize

CU-Boulder lands $7 million grant to probe life in universe

Amid oil and gas boom, Colorado continues role as earthquake lab

Earthquakes near deep-earth wells raise concerns

Geology students learn just how much Iceland rocks

CU-Boulder tied for first in number of American Geophysical Union Fellows elected in 2014

Geophysicist William Yeck speaks with Ryan Warner about earthquakes in Greeley - audio available

There's rare earth in them thar hills

CU research team studying earthquake activity near Greeley

Bob Anderson named 2014 Hazel Barnes Prize winner

Rare diamond inclusion points to hydrous conditions deep inside Earth

Peter Molnar awarded 2014 Crafoord Prize in Geosciences


Upcoming Events

1/12 - First Day of Classes

1/14 - Colloquium - Scott Sampson

1/21 - Colloquium - Rebecca Williams

PhD position in
Organic Geochemistry Group
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