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Supporting Materials:

Links to related Web resources -- Web resources mentioned in the body of the Background Information or Activities should be linked from those places. Any additional resources (exploratory sites, etc.) may be listed as Supporting Materials. If your list is lengthy it is appropriate to place it in a separate file.

Print bibliography

on-line glossary, appendix -- Items included here should be linked from the text of the module and all placed in a separate file.

Study and review questions -- For lecture notes, these will resemble traditional test-review questions. Activity-oriented modules (such as this one) may incorporate more "active" questions to re-enforce new skills. These questions can also serve as a "gatekeeper" to help students complete an activity correctly before submitting it to the instructor for evaluation. You may also wish to include links to on-line quizzes.

In a modules such as this, you might ask:

Again, if this list of questions is lengthy, place them in a separate file.

Notes on Active Pedagogy

This section will contain a standard paper on active pedagogy and should be included in every module. The paper will be distributed as soon as it is complete.

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