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Unit 1: Preparing Modules and Submitting them to the Virtual Geography Department

Background Information:

1.1Contributing Modules

Follow these steps to contribute modules to the Virtual Geography Department:

  1. Contact the appropriate working group leader with a module idea. This table lists all the working groups and their leaders. If you have general questions, contact the Virtual Department.
  2. Prepare your module following the instructions set forth in the next three units
  3. Submit the module to the Working Group leader along with the Facts of Publication (a form will soon be available for this)
  4. The module will be placed in the Working Group Test Area. While in the Test Area, members of the Working Group will review the module and it will be classroom tested.
  5. Comments and suggested revisions will be forwarded to you after classroom testing.
  6. Once the classroom testing and revisions are complete, the module will be moved from the Test Area to the appropriate Topic Page and indexed.
The Working Group leader should be your primary contact while you are preparing the module.

Guide for Instructors

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