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Virtual Geography Department Module Formatting Instructions

This module is part of the Virtual Geography Department Project and has been prepared for the Infrastructure Issues Working Group of the Project. These materials may be used for study, research, and education, but please credit the author and source: Shannon Crum, The Virtual Geography Department Project , The University of Texas at Austin.

All commercial rights reserved. Copyright 1996 by Shannon Crum.

This module has been peer reviewed and classroom tested. To make suggestions and corrections please contact The Virtual Geography Department Project at .

Facts of Publication

Abstract: This module contains detailed formatting instructions for modules included in the Virtual Geography Department Project. An abstract must be included in each module, and should clearly indicate whether the module contains lecture notes, class activities, slides, a virtual fieldtrip, or other instructional material. In modules with instructional content, this abstract will contain a brief description of the topic and scope of the module. The Abstract should quickly orient instructors so that modules can be successfully incorporated into their courses, and should always appear at the beginning of each module. Working group leaders will be responsible for ensuring that modules conform to these standards. Remember that the Abstract is a brief OVERVIEW. The entire section should be no longer than about one hundred fifty words. More detailed information will be included in the unit Background Information and Guide for Instructors.

Modules may be divided into as many units as the author deems appropriate. Each unit will contain background information for students and Instructor's Notes. Each module will conclude with a link to a paper on Active Pedagogy and a form for peer evaluation and student comments.

Table of Contents:

Module Overview

List of Acronyms and Abbreviations (optional)

Unit 1: Preparing Modules and Submitting them to the Virtual Geography Department Project

Unit 2: Basic Formatting

Unit 3: Page Layout and Graphics

Unit 4: Directory Structure and Links

Supporting Materials

Notes on Active Pedagogy

Evaluation and Comments

About the Virtual Geography Department

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