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Facts of Publication -- Module Format Template

Name of Module:in this case, Unit Format Template

Module Begins at URL: This should be the URL of the file that contains the Module Abstract and Table of Contents

URLs of Subsequent Files:Here should be a list of all the files in the module that link from the Table of Contents.

key words used in Index: The three keywords which are included in the searchable index (

Index Words: Include up to 10 index words for the module. These words will be entered into the unit's master index ( and linked.

Recommended prerequisite modules: List those VGD modules that you would recommend as prerequisites to this one

Recommended subsequent modules: List VGD modules that might follow this one. The idea is to provide recommendations for progression through the materials in the VGD.

Author's name:

Author's e-mail:

Contributors to this module:

Working Group affiliation and contacts: (Should include working-group leader's name and e-mail)

Creation Date of Module:

Revision history:

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