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Module-Formatting Templates

The modules listed below contain detailed instructions for formatting materials prepared for the Virtual Department Project. Links are also provided to examples of properly formatted materials.

In order to provide continuity throughout the materials and to create an environment in which instructors can move smoothly from one module to the next without having to learn new navigational strategies, all materials prepared for inclusion in the Virtual Geography Department should have a Title Page, Facts of Publication page, Module Overview, Supporting Materials page, and Notes on Active Pedagogy which conform to the standards set forth in the Module Formatting Suggestions. If each of these sections is formatted identically in every module included in the Virtual Department, the utility of the modules will be enhanced. The format of units (instructional content), however, is largely left to individual authors and working-group leaders. Beyond a skeleton outline, which includes the standard navigation and attribution tools, authors have a good deal of freedom in designing their modules.

The Module Formatting instructions below do contain recommendations for the design of units, along with some sample pages, but authors are not bound to those recommendations.

General Instructions

Suggested Format for Slide Collections

Sample Topical Unit

Sample Virtual Fieldtrip

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