Geography Resources: Starting Places

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Search engines, lists, and libraries are among the best ways to begin browsing the Web. A number of these starting places are listed below. The search engines allow you to conduct keyword searches in the Web. The more specific the search, the likelier it is that these engines will yield useful information. That is, a search for the keyword "cartography" will yield thousands of links that must then be browsed individually for relevant information. A compound keyword search for "North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS)" will generally lead you directly to this society's homepage. The syntax and search options vary among search engines. Be sure to check the "help" and "advanced query" pages of each search engine. 

Some search engines also provide subject lists as noted below. The list of registered servers contains links to every server in the world registered with University and public libraries are also good places to begin browsing the Web. They provide information about local collections as well as links to resources all over the world. 

Search Engines:

People Locaters:

Resource Lists and Directories:



University and Public Libraries, some examples:

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