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  • University of Delaware, Department of Geography . Human, Historical, Economic, Cultural Geography; Geographic Education; Climatology; Environmental Science; Remote Sensing; GIS; Glaciology; Paleoclimatology; the American West; Atmospheric Dynamics; Meteorology; Water Resources; Cartography; Air Photo Interpretation; Periglacial and Climatic Geomorphology; Latin America, Southeast Asia, United States.




  • University of Hawaii at Manoa, Department of Geography . Cartography; Population (mobility); Field Methods; Climatology; Geographical Hydrology; Urban, Social, Medical, Geography; Development; Social Theory; Computer Cartography; GIS; Remote Sensing; Tropical Agrarian Systems; Resource Systems Analysis; Water Resources Planning; India; Japan; Southeast Asia; Melanesia; China; Pacific.
  • University of Hawaii at Hilo, Department of Geography and Planning . Cultural, Agricultural, Physical, Human, and Economic Geography; Biogeography; Climatology; Cartography; Geomorphology; North America, Australia, Asia, Pacific Studies.


  • Boise Sate University, Department of Geosciences . GIS; Cultural Geography; Stratigraphy and Tectonics; Biostratigraphy.
  • University of Idaho, Department of Geography . Cartography; Spatial Analysis; GIS; Modeling and Simulation Techniques; Economic, Population Geography; Rural Development; Geomorphology; Quantitative Methods; Field Techniques; Environmental Systems; Environmental/Resource Policy; Migration and Regional Development; Transportation; Remote Sensing; Third World Development; Southeast Asia; Pacific Northwest; American West; Baltic region.





  • Kansas State University, Department of Geography . Natural Resource Evaluation and Management; Agricultural Geography; Rural Economic Development; Rural Population Change and Impacts; Rural Settlement and Sustainability; Climatology; Medical Geography.
  • University of Kansas, Department of Geography . Physical Geography: Fluvial Geomorphology, Landscape Evolution, Plant Geography, Soils; Cartography: Design, Visualization, and Interactive Statistical Mapping-GIS: Natural Resources and Urban Planning- Remote Sensing; Cultural/Regional Studies: Cultural Ecology, Development Studies, Historical, Humanistic, Political, Population Geography.











  • Montana State University . Department of earth sciences that is split between geology and geography. Has full curriculum for both. Located in Bozeman.
  • University of Montana, Department of Geography . Economic, Cultural, Historical Geography; Population Migration; Human Environmental Interactions; Water Resources; Biogeography; Meteorology; Cartography; Rural, Town, and Regional Planning; Regional Geography: Africa, East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the American West.



  • University of Nevada at Reno, Department of Geography . Land Use and Land Use Planning; Urban Geography; Impacts of Growth; Geographic Education; Climatology; Mountain Studies; Cultural & Historical Geography; Geographic Representation; Biogeography; Conservation of Natural Resources.

New Hampshire

  • Dartmouth College, Geography Department . Biogeography; Land Use; Remote Sensing; Salvadorean and Puerto Rican Migration; Refugee Flows; Spatial Population and Political Processes; Agricultural Development; Land Use Issues; Water Resources; Geomorphology; Geohydrology; Environmental Studies; Historical Geography of Early Civilizations; Russia; China; Latin America.
  • University of New Hampshire, Department of Geography . Ethnic, Historical Geography; French-Canada; Franco-Americans.

New Jersey

New Mexico

  • New Mexico State University, Department of Geography . Specific areas of teaching and research at New Mexico State University are arid environments, land form processes, environmental planning, urban and rural communities, land use, transportation, and land resources. Further, the geography program offers training in the technical fields of mapping, aerial photography interpretation, remote sensing, computer mapping and geographic information systems (GIS).
  • University of New Mexico, Department of Geography . Environmental Analysis: Physical Geography, Human Environment Interaction; Geographic Information Technologies: GIS, GPS; Remote Sensing.

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota




  • Chemeketa Community College , Salem. Department of Geography. Two year program as gateway to departments of other state university systems.
  • Oregon State University, Department of Geosciences . Physical and Resource Geography; Geographic Information Science; Geomorphology; Petrology; Geologic Structure; Sedimentary Geology; Surficial Processes.
  • Portland State University, Department of Geography . Area Studies; Physical Geography/Natural Resources; Urban Geography; Spatial Analysis and Data Display.
  • University of Oregon, Department of Geography . Cultural Geography: Urban Environments, Landscape, Political Geography, Ethnicity, Religion, Language, Nationality, Diffusion of Cultural Traits; Physical Geography: Climate Change, Applied Climatology, Quaternary Environments, Vegetation History, Palynology, Plant Ecology, Geomorphology, Soils, Geoarchaeology; Environmental Studies; Geography Education; North America; Latin America; Europe; the former Soviet Union.
  • Southern Oregon University . Geography students enjoy SOU's small class sizes, individual faculty attention, and a capstone project that combines a Field Geography course with an effective internship placement program. 


Rhode Island

  • Brown University, Center for Environmental Studies . Urban Environmental Problems: Solid and Hazardous Waste, Environmental Health, Environmental Justice; Environmental Accounting and Insurance Arrangements; Pollution Prevention and Toxics Policies.

South Carolina

  • Coastal Carolina University, Department of Politics and Geography. Focus on major methodological controversies in the discipline. Designed to help students gain knowledge of the ways in which nations of the world interact politically, diplomatically, economically and militarily. The University itself offers many programs in hydrology and other geography related fields.
  • University of South Carolina, Department of Geography . Urban Geography; Urban Planning; Settlement Patterns; GIS; Remote Sensing; Hazards; Monitoring Geographic Change; Climate Variability and Change; Climate Impacts; Spatial Cognition; Cartography; Quantitative Methods; Gender and Geography; Natural Resources Management; Transportation Geography; Political Geography; Developing Regions.

South Dakota




  • Brigham Young University, Department of Geography . Urban, Cultural, Historical, Physical, and World Regional Geography; Cartography and GIS; Geography Teaching; Planning and Resource Management; Travel and Tourism; Remote Sensing; Quantitative Methods; Population; North America; Middle East; Asia; Latin America.
  • Dixie College, Geography Department . Regional, Human, Physical Geography.
  • University of Utah, Department of Geography . Earth System Science; Urban/Economic Systems; Geographic Information Science; Urban Studies; Undergraduate Teaching Major/Minor.
  • Utah State University, Department of Geography and Earth Resources . Climatology: Regional, Applied and Synoptic Climatology; Ecology: Biogeography, Landscape Ecology, Human/Cultural Ecology; Environmental Education; Geographic Education; GIS/Remotsitysing: Landscape Ecology, Wildlife-Habitat Relations, Arid Lands, Forest Environments, Fluvial Systems, Image-map Design and Production; International Rural Development: Natural Resource Management and Policy, Socio-Economic Development Issues in Rural Areas of Developing Countries, Africa, Latin America; River Processes.
  • Weber State University, Department of Geography. Natural Environments of the Earth, Places and Peoples of the World, Cartography and GIS,  Economic, Environmental, Quantitative, Field Studies, Urban, Historical, Planning, and Regional Courses.  Programs offered in Geography, Geography Teaching, Urban and Regional Planning, Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, and Environmental Studies.




Washington D.C.

  • George Washington University, Department of Geography . Climate Change; World Regional Geography; Analysis of Land Use; Development of Curriculum; Impacts of Urbanization; Transportation Geography; Migration and Colonization; Latin America; Africa; Andean Migration.

West Virginia


University of Wisconsin, River Falls, Department of Geography . Human, Regional, Physical Geography; Cartography; GIS.


  • University of Wyoming, Department of Geography and Recreation . Physical, Human Geography; Biogeography; Landscape Ecology; Natural Resource Conservation; Environmental Geomorphology; Geographical Hydrology; Terrain Analysis; Outdoor Recreation Planning and Management; Social Behavior; Tourism; Cultural Ecology, Sustainable Development; Rural Community Development; Social Impact Assessment; Natural Resources; Policy Studies.

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