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General Databases
Demographic Data (including U.S.A. Census TIGER files and UNEP GRID files)
Topographic Data, including DLG and DEM files
Documentation on USGS
Data Standards
Land Use Land Cover and Physical Data (soils, climate, vegetation cover, etc.)
Digital Map Outlines and GIS Base Files
Remote Sensing, Atmospheric, and Extra-Terrestrial Data
Technical Information
Map Collections
International Research Organizations,
Institutes, and Government Agencies
Federal Agencies State Agencies and Research Organizations

Commercial Vendors

General Databases and on-line Archives
USGS Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
    This site is the clearinghouse gateway to USGS national mapping and remotely sensed data.
Alexandria Project
A distributed digital library for geographically-referenced information
    The Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) facilitates access to data and information on human interactions in the environment, global environmental change, and sustainable development.
UNEP, GRID and environmental data
    Links to the world's major geo-spatial data collection and distribution centers.
UNEP/GRID - Geneva
UNEP/GRID Geneva maintains a large and actively growing archive of global small-scale environmental data sets
Global Change Master Directory (GCMD)
    A comprehensive source of information about satellite and in situ Earth science data, with broad coverage of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, oceans, solid earth, and biosphere
NRCS Data Resources
    Natural Resources Conservation Service distributes Natural Resources Inventory, Climate, Plants, and Soils data to the general public.
Federal Geographic Data
Committee Clearinghouse
    Tasked to develop procedures and assist in the implementation of a distributed discovery mechanism for digital geospatial data.
GIS at BC Environment
    A site from British Columbia that contains all documentation for spatial data creation and use as well as links to other programs and data.
GIS Data Depot
    A commercial site with a catalog of over 1 million geographic datasets.
Provides a searchable database for downloadable GIS data.
Offers GIS and GPS software packages, as well as add-ins for Microsoft Access, free Tiger data and maps, etc.
TerraServer hosts the world's largest online database. It's a huge repository of aerial photographs and satellite images taken from miles overhead that you can view and, if you want, purchase.
Website and FTP site, initiated by the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, that distributes free geospatial data.
Centre for Topographic Information
Mapping Service Branch, Earth Sciences Sector, Natural Resources Canada has topographic maps, aerial photography, toponymic information, digital topo. maps, and an aerial survey database.
GISLinx Data Links
GISLinx data section has numerous links to other data depots and archive sites.
R&D center ScanEx
R&D center ScanEx specializes in area of satellite remote sensing data acquisition and distribution and offers archived images from the Resurs-O1 satellite and the OMS-2P camera onboard the MIR station.
Data Depot
The Data Depot supplies a complete listing of demographic, marketing, and mapping data for the UK and Europe.

US State Databases and on-line Archives
Georgia GIS Data Clearinghouse
The Georgia GIS Data Clearinghouse provides access to GIS resources of Georgia for use by government, academia, and the private sector. 
Idaho Geospatial Data Center
State database with DLG, DRG, DEM, and Tiger Data.
Kentucky Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
State data including DLG, DEM, DOQQ, imagery, etc.
Massachusetts Geographic Information System
State databases, datalayers, online mapping, municipal resources, maps.
New York State GIS Clearinghouse
Metadata and data repository hosted by the New York State Library.
Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access
PASDA is a World Wide Web based system that supports search, display, and retrieval of FGDC (Federal Geographic Data Committee) standard metadata, geographic information systems (GIS) data, and imagery related to Pennsylvania's environment. 
Environmental Data Center
University of Rhode Island
Gateway to all available digital spatial data for the State of Rhode Island.
South Carolina GIS Data Clearinghouse
Maintained by the Natural Resources Information Management and Analysis Section within the Water Resources Division of SCDNR.
West Virginia Division of Environmental Protection Database
State database with mapping, GIS, GPS, and environmental database information.

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