The Virtual Geography Department May/June '97 Update

Working Group leaders:

Please browse the Virtual Geography Department Web Forum periodically. Your comments, suggestions, and contributions will have an influence on the direction the VGD takes as we head into this important summer workshop period.

Check your links to the VGD resources pages (we changed some of the URLs as part of a revision this spring). The new URL for the opening page is

The Module Review Form is still available. The URL is depts/grg/virtdept/forms/ review_form.html 

A link to this form should be included on EVERY page that is a part of the Virtual Geography Department Prokect. Please review this form and forward suggestions for revisions to Kenneth E. Foote. Please do not copy this form and install it on your server. The script is written so that the form contents will automatically be forwarded to the appropriate working- group leader and a copy archived on the server at U.T. (Just in case there are problems with mail- servers on either end). 

Web-Resources Page Revision

The VGDP Web-Resources pages had a major facelift earlier this semester. Unfortunately, many of the addresses changed. The starting page for the resources is now . We added a link to calls for papers for upcoming professional meetings, and reformatted the geography course listing so that classes are now arranged by subject area.

Summer Workshops

We're about to begin the second round of summer workshops in Austin. This year we have about 50 geographers attending in two one-week long sessions. We're pleased to have several Summer 96 alumni returning. It tells me there is a great commitment to the project's goals! 

An on-line discussion forum has been established for each of the working group areas. I invite you to participate in this summer's activities remotely via these discussion areas. The URL is All the summer workshop materials can be accessed from the Workshop 97 home page.

AAG Meeting

The Virtual Geography Department sessions during the 1997 AAG meeting in Fort Worth were very well attended. The panel discussion, especially, was a springboard for much of the planning for this summer's workshops. Thanks so much to everyone who participated.

NCGE Meeting

There was a tremendous response to my (late) call for papers for the 1997 NCGE meeting in Orlando. In all, there will be three sessions (11 papers!) related to the Virtual Geography Department.

Old News:

Module Format Templates:

Instructions and suggestions for formatting modules are also on-line. They look a bit daunting at first, but really, they're not. We're requesting that everyone who submits a module use a standard format for the title page and include standard information about the content, prerequisite skills, expected learning outcomes, etc. Beyond that, you can pretty much do as you please in structuring modules. The instructions are located at . There is a simple diagram on this page identifying those elements we would prefer be standardized. This page also contains a link to a suggested format for a slide collection and sample exercise module.

As always, let me know if there is anything we can do on this end to help. 


May 16, 1997.